Rodica Mocan

Real name: 
Rodica Mocan is a senior lecturer and the Head of Cinematography and the Media Department at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her education includes an Engineering degree, an MA in Art from Mississippi College, and a Ph.D. in e-learning, and is the result of a continuing interest in lifelong learning in an interdisciplinary context. Her interest in studying the effects of media use and digital technologies on everyday life led her into new learning contexts like formation in psychotherapy, management of public policies and a new Ph.D. in multimedia in performing arts. Her research interests are reflected in the book A Sociological Perspective on eLearning and on various studies regarding new technologies, of which Happiness and The Family 2.0 Paradigm is representative for the interdisciplinary approach. Her current interests focus on interactive documentaries and the use of multimedia in performing arts. She strongly believes that family, profession and one’s walk with God are interwoven in the personal life story. Thus, as a mother of three, a Christian, and as an academic that is teaching new media-related disciplines, she strongly believes in the power of mentoring the new generation, to harness the great potential of new technologies to better understand the times we live in.