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Where is Art Going? Making Sense of New Art Forms

Date recorded: 24 May 2023 | Speaker: Rodica Mocan | Event: ELF Artists Network
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Today, more than ever, it isn't easy to reach a consensus on what art is. Formally, aesthetically, and conceptually, art has evolved to a point where the possibility of a definition is being contested, not to mention reaching a common one. This was evident long before technology impacted all areas of life when modern art could still be approached from the paradigm of classical definitions. The close collaboration between experienced artists and visionary engineers in the context of digital culture has produced such radical changes in what we call "new media art" that the very concepts that define the triad "art - art object - artist" are being challenged. The ecosystem that surrounds artistic creation is being reshaped. Embraced with more or less enthusiasm, this genre of art that uses digital technology as the primary tool for producing, presenting, and archiving art has introduced information as the basis of the materiality of the art object.  NFTs and art created by robots or artificial intelligence programs go far beyond what we could have imagined and cause stupor even among specialists initiated in the field. Starting from the accepted definitions of traditional art, using a comparative approach with more recent attempts to define new media arts, we will seek answers to the question that haunts us: where is art going?