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“How Should We Then Live…” in the Information Age?

Date recorded: 27 May 2014 | Speaker: Rodica Mocan | Event: ELF Media Communicators Network
“How Should We Then Live…” in the Information Age?


The general development of technologies in the last half-century, especially digital media, surpassed anything that anyone has ever envisioned. The effects are unfolding and there is not enough time to research and process the impact. We are raising a generation of children who are “citizens” of this Information Age, while we are merely the immigrant parents who strive to adapt to this new culture. Marshall McLuhan was the first one who heralded, since the middle of the twentieth Century, the emergence of "the global village.” He said, “We become what we behold”.

Starting from some of McLuhan’s models, we will try to answer the question that Francis Schaffer asked many years ago, after looking at the culture of Western Civilization: “How should we then live...” in this new Information Age? How should we assist our children so that they may live a full and integrated life and be able to preserve and pass on to the next generation the values of the Gospel? Bring on your [mobile] technologies and your questions so that together we may address some of the challenges that we face as Christians living in an advanced digital world.