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Art and the Artist's Vocation

Date recorded: 30 May 2005 | Speaker: Jerram Barrs
Art and the Artist's Vocation


We worship the God who is the Creator of all things visible and invisible. This God has made us, like Himself, to be creators also, not in an absolute sense, bringing new worlds into being out of our imaginations, but rather as sub-creators who think God’s thoughts after Him. We till the garden of colour; of words; of form and texture; of sound and harmony; of wood, stone, clay, metal and jewels; of imagination. While the arts need no justification, whether evangelistic or didactic, but are simply a gift, the arts do, of course, have many purposes. As believers we seek to glorify God in all we do. He calls us to find fulfillment and pleasure for ourselves in using, developing, and expressing the artistic gifts He has given us.