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Is Christianity Unscientific?

Date recorded: 29 May 2013 | Speaker: Peter S. Williams | Event: ELF Philosophers Network
Is Christianity Unscientific?


Atheist Sam Harris writes, "James Watson, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, a Nobel laureate, and the original head of the Human Genome Project, recently [asserted] in an interview that people of African descent appear to be innately less intelligent than white Europeans. A few sentences, spoken off the cuff, resulted in academic defenestration… Watson’s opinions on race are disturbing, but his underlying point was not, in principle, unscientific… there is, at least, a possible scientific basis for his views. While Watson’s statement was obnoxious, one cannot say that his views are utterly irrational or that, by merely giving voice to them, he has repudiated the scientific worldview and declared himself immune to its further discoveries. Such a distinction would have to be reserved for Watson’s successor at the Human Genome Project, Dr. Francis Collins." After developing some relevant definitions, this talk proffers a schema for understanding the range of issues raised by the claim that Christianity is "unscientific."