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Confident Christianity

Date recorded: 28 May 2020 | Speaker: Peter Saunders | Event: ELF Workshop


Originally designed by the Christian Medical Fellowship to help medical students share their faith, and refined over 25 years, the "Confident Christianity" course is designed to help you understand the non-Christian mindset and share your faith confidently and articulately in the way the Apostles did it – in understandable language, in a safe place, and with the opportunity for discussion. It covers such questions as: Making a worldview diagnosis, what makes Christianity unique, the journey to faith, exposing presuppositions, God’s role and ours in evangelism, the Gospel message, Apostolic models of sharing it, dealing with our fears, answering difficult questions, the best reasons for belief, starting with the truth they know, avoiding circular arguments, dealing with relativism, the elements of successful evangelism, and the faith decision. It is a programme which, once caught, can be taught to others.