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The Current Status of Chemical Theories on the Origin of Life, with a Christian Critique

Date recorded: 20 May 2013 | Speaker: Peter Imming | Event: ELF Science Network


How life on earth began remains a question unexplained in terms of pure naturalism. Since it is a vital part of the pan-evolutionary Grand Narrative, experimental as well as model studies and reviews are numerous. This session categorises the various reductionist approaches to this ultimately unobservable beginning. With "only" chemical materials, chemical processes plus information involved, possible scenarios are amenable to experimental and theoretical testing, in contrast to large organismal transitions in biology. Of late, non-reductionist non-theistic philosophies have been introduced in origin of life explanations. This is also addressed. The Christian critique shows that what we scientifically know about chemical processes and properties of matter, strongly suggests that a creative, living influence is needed in order to create life. So the Christian view of life as being wilfully created by God is in better accordance with the latest scientific findings than non-theistic theories are.