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The Freedom of Science and Its Enemies

Date recorded: 17 May 2021 | Speaker: Ralf Bergmann | Event: ELF Academic Leaders Network


Once upon a time, scientists knew that the better argument counts, regardless of from whom it comes! That has changed radically. Entire areas of science must - supposedly - be “decolonized” and freed from racism. Even mathematics seems to breathe the spirit of “white dominance.” Accordingly, we are told positive discrimination must therefore be used to help minorities. Any lack of equal societal “representation” calls for quotas! Karl Popper (1902-1994), one of the great philosophers of the 20th century, warned against the dominance of ideology and emotion over arguments as a "revolt against reason." Today, pressure comes from various sides: from student unions, Antifa-related groups, or unfair media coverage. Political one-sidedness has increasingly become an instrument of power. However, it is not just pressure from outside; conformity pressure is increasingly coming from within. Advance obedience becomes a pre-filter for what “can be said.” This is particularly difficult for young scientists. However, society needs independent science; otherwise, science degrades to an (expensive) source of justification for politics. Christians are often not as alone in their longing for freedom and truth as they think. There are many more people who think just as sensibly and together it is easier to make a difference in science, politics, and society. Let's do it, otherwise, at some point, only the enemies of freedom will do it!