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Grace-Based Parenting

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Tim Kimmel | Event: ELF Workshop
Grace-Based Parenting


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we’ll ever do. There is more than here and now at stake. Parents play an eternal role in their children’s lives. And we all tend to ask the same questions: Where do I start? How do I know if I’m getting it right? What is my ultimate goal? In this talk, we look to the Ultimate Parent to see how we can parent our own children to become adults who love God, serve others, and make an eternal difference. We discover how to raise our children the way God raises His children (us) – guided by His truth and tempered by His grace! As we establish a grace-based philosophy of parenting, we also look at some very important strategies and practical tactics to apply to our own children. You’ll gain real time confidence and encouragement you can immediately apply to your family and your ministry.