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How to Help People in Need: Practical Training for Christian Caregivers

Date recorded: 21 May 2016 | Speaker: Alina Wieja | Event: ELF Pre-Forum Seminar


How can we help others deal with problems in their everyday lives?  As the Church reaches out to unbelievers and sees them come to the Lord, how can we see them become mature in Christ?  What can we do to ease the burdens of fellow believers?  The purpose of this talk is to better understand the problems that people deal with and to acquire right knowledge and practical skills based on the example of Jesus Christ to be able to accompany them in their difficult situations.  Lay leaders, pastors, and disciple-makers will learn effective steps and develop the skills of active listening, empathy, confrontation, and problem-solving that are necessary in care-giving ministry to truly help people in need.