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How to Use Science and Ethics in Practical Apologetics

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Andy McIntosh | Event: ELF Workshop
How to Use Science and Ethics in Practical Apologetics


This talk will deal with the philosophical / methodological issues concerning the approaches to science practiced today, and how this relates to the Christian faith which historically has given a very firm basis for scientific endeavour. The question of ethics will also be addressed and how both the arena of science and ethics can be used effectively in practical apologetics to cause academics to rethink their worldview. It is recognised that reason on its own cannot win souls to the Kingdom but being ready to give an answer for the Hope that is within us is very important in academia which is increasingly being dominated by secular humanism.

Both in personal one-to-one witness and in the public square we need to be active in promoting engagement using science and ethics to point men and women to the only reality – Christ and the Gospel.