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If C.S. Lewis Were Here, What Would He Say?

Date recorded: 19 May 2012 | Speaker: Jerry Root | Event: ELF Pre-Forum Seminar
If C.S. Lewis Were Here, What Would He Say?


To say what C.S. Lewis would say requires an omniscience that escapes us. Nevertheless, it is fair to ask, What did Lewis once say that still has great relevance today? In his day many things that Lewis said and wrote were noteworthy; today some of these same things come to us with a prophetic clarion call. Among these were: his arguments on behalf of objective value (or, what he called the Tao) in "The Abolition of Man;" his teaching about the dignity of man (“there are no ordinary people”) and the depravity of man; and, his injunction to those preparing for ministry “Woe to you if you do not evangelise”. This session focuses on these important ideas in Lewis' writings with a view to their timeliness today.