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Managing a Contemporary Media Ministry


Today’s changing world, particularly in the area of media and technology, requires even more from its leadership. Still, the biblical principles apply. Important factors:

  1. Speed in adapting, or even better – in leading trends; thinking outside the box;
  2. Utilizing the wisdom and potential of all the staff, including the youngest;
  3. Following the mission, staying true to your chosen commitment;
  4. True caring for staff and customers, for their best;
  5. Offering stability and consistency to the organization and staff.

This list could be much longer, of course.  On top of all of that, a leader (CEO) is also responsible for the finances. When finances are healthy, then everybody smiles.  As leaders, we are learning all the time.  The 40 years of my involvement with the DEOrecordings Association (CCM Media) have taught me some lessons, but I still feel like I am at the beginning of the road...