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Master Class: Spiritual Warfare

Date recorded: 14 Nov 2020 | Speaker: Dave Patty | Event: Master Class


This Master Class will address the following 6 topics. 1) Know Your Enemy - Unpacking Satan’s origins as well as his names will equip you to be prepared when he takes the offensive. 2) Know His Strategy - Spiritual warfare takes place on three levels, from temptation and harassment, to strongholds, and then to demonization. 3) Taking Back Lost Ground – Demonization - Looking at relevant Scripture we will give you a basic understanding of how to recognize demonization and then engage with the power of Christ. 4) Taking Back Lost Ground – Strongholds - In some cases, tenacious habits of sin give the enemy open doors into your soul, creating a place from which he can influence many other areas of your life. 5) Experiencing Victory Through Temptation and Harassment - How does the armor of God function practically in the everyday life of God’s people? 6) Why a Sovereign God Continues to Allow Satan to Rebel Against Him - Are there purposes of God that are accomplished through allowing Satan a certain degree of freedom to act?