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The PLAN: The Teaching Component of Disciple-Making

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2015 | Speaker: Judy Streeter | Event: ELF Disciple Makers Network
The PLAN: The Teaching Component of Disciple-Making


A discipler is an equipper who provides the content for those who are growing in their faith. This equipper is the primary human agent through whom God brings others to maturity. What kind of “food” does the discipler/equipper feed to those in his care? What does the “learner” learn?

The leader should have a plan that includes bibliology and theology…knowing how to study the Scriptures and knowing the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. This ensures that the disciple will not only stand on a firm foundation, but will be able to teach these fundamental elements to others. The content of our disciple-making should be rich and full, causing those in our care to use their minds as they grasp the great truths of Christianity. The content should also be applicable and practical so the daily life is affected deeply by what is learned.