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Reproducing Mature Disciples Ready for Leadership


The mission of the church will only be able to be fulfilled according to the availability and readiness of emerging leaders. They will need to have been effectively discipled by experienced leaders so that there is an entrustment which enables the mission to be widened in scope and for it to have longevity to go forward with future generations. As those who disciple, we need to recognise and call out grace in others. It is a role akin to father and son, mother and daughter. It is a family and relational dynamic, rather than one of pure methodology. In this session we will look at key principles involved in the raising up of mature disciples who are ready to lead at all levels. They will be those who carry the same values and vision that we carry, and who are also able to lead and disciple others, not by copying methods, but by imparting the biblical vision and values and encouraging the development of God-given grace in others. We will consider: How do we identify what we often do intuitively and train others in it? How do we develop the character and skills in others most effectively?