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Sharing the Gospel with Jehovah's Witnesses: Tactics beyond Basics

Date recorded: 21 May 2017 | Speaker: Pasi Turunen
Topic: Evangelism
Sharing the Gospel with Jehovah's Witnesses


They come to your door eager to talk about the Bible and faith and are very nice people. You have your arguments and Bible verses ready, but why do these encounters feel so frustrating at times? Jehovah’s Witnesses may sound very Christian at times, but one key to successfully sharing the gospel with them is to understand the cultic language barrier that hinders communication. In this talk we will look more closely into the Jehovah’s Witness mindset to understand why, although we are using the same verses and sometimes even the same “evangelical” terminology, we are actually talking about very different things. You will learn why the Watchtower Society and its literature controls the Jehovah’s Witnesses thinking and why you should be critical of their use of their own (mis)translation of the Bible called The New World Translation. We will look more closely at some tactics that will enable you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to break through the language barrier and the influence of the Watchtower Society’s authority so that the minds and hearts of Jehovah’s witnesses will be open to the true saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pasi Turunen has written a widely read exposé on the Watchtower Society titled "The Watchtower – Kingdom in the New Light" and has debated the Finnish Watchtower leadership both on the radio and on national TV.