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Walking by Faith Through the Darkest Valleys of Life

Date recorded: 21 May 2022 | Speaker: Emanuel Tundrea | Event: ELF Plenary Session
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Have you found yourself surrounded by the hardships of life? Does it seem as though there is no end to them and no hope to be found? Psalm 13 is a model of lament in the Psalter. It was born out of David’s deep grief. For that reason, Psalm 13 has been a comfort to those in the midst of grief for thousands of years. It addresses some of the hardest questions in life, questions that can jolt our faith, and also a couple of difficult but necessary responses. However, Psalm 13 is also a song of hope because it ends with a great encouragement. Contrary to what we see in the world around us, the sovereign Lord of the universe is still on His throne and He is trustworthy. Therefore, we have hope and joy. Unshakeable hope and joy.