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What's Wrong with Miracles?

Date recorded: 2 Jun 2005 | Speaker: Daniel Von Wachter
What's Wrong with Miracles?


Many are reluctant to believe in miracles. Modernist (“liberal”) theology is based on the assumption that one “cannot” nowadays believe in divine interventions. Even believing preachers sometimes say at Easter that one cannot understand Jesus' resurrection. This session argues that there is no problem with divine interventions by explaining how they fit into the causal structure of the world and with the laws of nature. They do not conflict with reason, they do not destroy the order of nature, they do not make physics impossible, and we can understand what they are. It is crucial that we have no problems with believing in the possibility of miracles and all other forms of divine action in the world. It is crucial for resisting modernist theology, for our praying, and for our faith.