Why Preaching Does Not Make Us Mature: What Does?

Date recorded: 31 May 2015 | Speaker: Tom Streeter | Event: ELF Workshop
Why Preaching Does Not Make Us Mature: What Does?


If you have sat under good and proper exposition of Biblical texts, you know that there is a dynamic effect in this kind of preaching and teaching. And there is a goodness added to our lives as we faithfully listen to the truth of God’s Word and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in teaching us in this way. Yet it can be observed that there are many, perhaps too many Christians, who have experienced this without appreciable growth into maturity. If preaching were intended to be the primary and only method in bringing people to maturity, then preaching is what Jesus would have spent most of his time doing, but he didn’t. And that is why we must ask the question, “Why just preach when that is not what Jesus did?” What did Jesus do? Where did he spend most of his time? And the answer is: He made disciples. What is the difference?