Adam Szabados

Real name: 
Ádám Szabados has been the Pastor at Evangelical Christian Church, Veszprém, since 1999. He is married to Dóra, and has two boys. He studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Veszprém (MA equivalent, with honours), and theology at Schloss Mittersill Study Center (Diploma in Biblical Studies and Culture) and at Covenant Theological Seminary (ThM in Exegetical Theology). He is currently doing his PhD in the area of New Testament at Károli Reformed University. He helped start the Hungarian Evangelical Forum and is the leader of its Steering Committee. His study on the Reformational understanding of sin has been published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and by ProPhilosophia. He wrote a book on Eros (Erosz nyomában, Harmat Publishing House, 2008), which aims to address both Christians and non-Christians in their search for the good, the true, and the beautiful. Ádám also has a popular theological-apologetic website (see below).