Evghenii Sologubenco

Evghenii Sologubenco serves as President at Moldova Bible Seminary and as a Teaching Pastor of Kishinev Bible Church since 2004. The efforts of these ministries in conjunction with numerous partnerships allow for outreach and training of leaders who serve in Moldova, Russia and Central Asia. The ministry focuses on outreach to various social groups within the immediate context by bringing the resources available both through the Western and Eastern Evangelical churches. (Ex. English and Sport Camps, Police Officers Exchange, Veterans and Elderly Outreach, Prison Chaplaincy, etc.) Mission efforts include short-term cross-cultural teams to support ongoing mission workers in Russia and Central Asia and sending long-term missionaries to developing mission fields. Mr. Sologubenco completed a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry at Moldova Bible Seminary (1999) and M.A. in Practical Theology from TCMI Institute (2014). Evghenii has been serving the Lord together with his wife Irina since 2001. http://JoshuaWay.net.