Paul Coulter

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Paul Coulter lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with his Chinese Malaysian wife, Gar-Ling, and their two teenage children. He is Head of Ministry Operations with Living Leadership (, an organisation that helps leaders and their families across the UK and Ireland to live joyfully in Christ and serve Him faithfully through training, mentoring and pastoral support. He is also Executive Director of the Centre for Christianity in Society (, which seeks to connect Christ with contemporary culture through evangelistic speaking and training in ethical issues and apologetics. Paul is the author of two books - Clarion Call: Finding Joy in Christ with John the Baptist and Serving Two Masters? Probing the Tensions Between Science and Faith in the Art of Healthcare - several book chapters and multiple articles, including several on He speaks and writes regularly on leadership, pastoral care, the Christian mind and contemporary culture. In his spare time, he loves to walk in hills and forests, cycle on flat roads, and read about history.