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Webinar recording

The Jewish Role in World Evangelization

Date recorded: 13 Nov 2019 | Speaker: Avi Snyder | Event: ELF Evangelists Network


Though Jewish, the Apostle Paul was not called by God to be the apostle to the Jews. Rather, Jesus commissioned him to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles. But curiously, we know from the book of Acts that Paul always began his ministry in every new city by first bringing the Gospel message to his fellow Jews. From Damascus in Acts 9 to Rome in Acts 28, we see Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, always bringing the Gospel “to the Jew first.” This webinar will examine the Old Testament call for the Jewish people to be an evangelistic light to the nations. It will trace the outworking of that call in the first century of the Christian era. And it will consider what this may teach us about world evangelization today.​ Recorded 13 November 2019