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Negotiating Ministry: Working with People in Light of Power and Interests

Date recorded: 24 Oct 2018 | Speaker: Tasha Chapman | Event: ELF Leaders of Christian Organisations Network
Topic: Leadership


Do you expect that everyone in ministry will behave graciously and get along? Have you been surprised by the challenges of leadership when dealing with other believers? Do you take the time to understand the risks and interests that others have before making leadership decisions that will impact them? Working together with others can be messy. This webinar focuses on how to minimize the relational mess of trying to get things done in ministry. Many of us hate the word “politics” because we feel it represents manipulation, coercion, and underhanded dealings. However, when seen as the negotiation of interests, we discover that all of us are involved in politics every day. Since ministry is work done in Jesus' name for His Kingdom in and through people, ministry is political, but it doesn't have to be messy. We will identify why this messiness happens, what can be done for us to work together in healthy, God-honoring ways, and what principles and tools can make a positive difference in the health and fruitfulness of our ministries.