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Relational Wisdom: Building Christ-like Relationships

Date & time: 3 Nov 2015, 18:00 GMT | Speaker: Ken Sande | Duration: 1 hour 30 min
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The Bible provides a wealth of guidance on how to build close relationships with God and the people around us. In this webinar we will organize this teaching into a simple, six-part discipleship paradigm called “relational wisdom.” This paradigm is similar to the increasingly popular concept of “emotional intelligence,” but is far more robust because it is centered on God, informed by Scripture, and driven by the gospel of Christ. The six primary skills or disciplines of RW are: God-Awareness and God-Engagement, Self-Awareness and Self-Engagement, and Other-Awareness and Other-engagement. We will also introduce four simple acrostics that show how to practice relational wisdom in marriage, parenting, church, ministry, and the workplace. These acrostics include: 

(1) To be relationally wise in all situations, practice the SOG plan (Self-aware, Others-aware, and God-aware);

(2) To become more God-aware and God-engaging, follow a reliable GPS (God-Positioning System, namely, Glorify God, Pursue God, Serve God);

(3) To become more self-aware and self-engaging, READ yourself accurately (Recognize your emotions, Evaluate their source, Anticipate the consequences of following them, and Direct them on a constructive course); and

(4) To become more other-aware and other-engaging, SERVE every person you meet (Smile, Explore and Empathize, Reconcile, Value,Encourage).