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Using Relational Wisdom® for Community Outreach and Evangelism

Date & time: 14 May 2019, 17:00 GMT | Speaker: Ken Sande | Duration: 1 hour 30 min
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Many churches and ministries are effective at teaching and ministering to their members, but they are typically less effective at serving and evangelizing the unchurched people in their communities. RW360 has developed a “values-based” line of resources that churches can use to take biblical principles on relationships, and the gospel itself, into businesses, schools, government offices, military bases and other secular venues. Although these “common grace” materials contain no explicit Bible references, their focus on personal values, worldview and emotional intelligence opens a door for Christians in an audience to share their faith. Moreover, the written teaching resources, smartphone app and online training that is available to attendees contain links to the faith-based versions of relational wisdom, which include a clear gospel presentation. This webinar describes how churches and ministries can equip teams to take this training—and the gospel itself—into a wide variety of secular settings in their communities (see and a summary of the values-based paradigm and examples of how to use these concepts for community engagement and evangelism).