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Saving Souls or Reforming Culture: Finding Balance as Evangelical Scholars


Some evangelicals claim that the only significant tasks of believers are evangelism and church planting.  Yet throughout the history of the Christian movement many godly men and women have demonstrated through their own ministry the importance of evangelism, as well as reforming the culture. What can we learn from the history of this type of both/and ministry?  How does Christ's lordship relate to this balance?  Are there models such as Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Wesley, or Kuyper which we should follow?  How do we find a balance between the core Christian commitment to evangelism and reforming the culture?  How can we effectively show how the Gospel applies both to saving souls and transforming society?

Daryl McCarthy (Moderator), Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy, Forum of Christian Leaders

Per Ewert, Director, The Clapham Institute

Stefan Gustavsson, General Secretary, Swedish Evangelical Alliance; Director, Centre for Christian Apologetics

Peter Saunders, CEO, Christian Medical Fellowship

Cors Visser, Director, ForumC

Daniel von Wachter, Professor and Director, International Academy of Philosophy