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Answering Other Faiths

Date recorded: 1 Jun 2004 | Speaker: Mark Pickering
Answering Other Faiths


All other faiths have beliefs in common with and distinct from Christianity. Given these similarities and differences, what evangelistic approach should we adopt? Should we "build bridges" or attack false teaching? Should we contextualise or confront? Confrontation alone alienates unbelievers. Those of other faiths must be gently coaxed. On the other hand contextualisation alone dilutes the Gospel. False teaching must be exposed. The Apostle Paul both contextualised and confronted. Whether talking to Jews, Greeks or Romans, to intellectuals or idolaters, he first identified with the truth his hearers already knew to establish rapport. But then he confronted, argued, and prosecuted false belief. Paul, of course, did more than just identify and prosecute. He also preached the Gospel: Christ's death, resurrection, and the reality of judgment. We are wise to follow his example. Answering Other Faiths is an evangelism training course originally developed by the UK Christian Medical Fellowship to train doctors and medical students. It is based on the apostles' own strategy of identify, prosecute, and preach.