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How Jesus Trained the Twelve


Carl W. Wilson has calculated that “there are a total of ninety chapters in the Gospels and Acts 1 about Jesus Christ’s appearance and ministry in the world.” Five chapters have to do with the coming of Christ into the world, while the last thirty-three chapters focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection. The fifty-two chapters between the first five and the final thirty-three describe how Jesus trained the Twelve and prepared them to reach the world with the message that we can have life in His name by grace through faith. These fifty-two chapters give us the plan of Jesus for the redemption of the world. Many have studied the Gospel records and have been students of Jesus without seeing His astounding plan and the methods by which the lives of the Twelve were transformed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to take the Gospel to the nations. Those whose eyes have been opened to see how He trained His disciples, whose minds have been enlightened to observe His methods, are always amazed that they had never seen it before. This seminar will focus on our need to return to Christ’s original intentions and to discover how He trained His men for the evangelisation of the world so that we can get the job done today.