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The Kind of Church That Heals: Relationships and Structures That Reach the Heart

Date recorded: 22 May 2011 | Speaker: Eric Bobbitt | Event: ELF Christian Counsellors Network
The Kind of Church that Heals: Relationships and Structures that Reach the Heart


Even with the redeeming power of our Saviour at work among believers, church leaders are faced with the realities of a fallen humanity. Immaturity, broken relationships, psychological wounds, and painful patterns from the past often crowd their way into even the most sincere efforts of Christian faithfulness. Pastoral counselling, along with the recent addition of Christians trained in psychotherapy and psychiatry, have proven to be valuable allies in the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. But what about the church body? Are there things it can do and be to become a truly healing community? How can the teaching ministry, worship, leadership, and relationships contribute to creating an environment of healing?