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Take Care of Yourself: Survive and Thrive in Christian Ministry

Date recorded: 16 May 2021 | Speaker: Pablo Martinez | Event: ELF Plenary Session


“They made me take care of the vineyards, but my own vineyard I neglected” (Song of Songs 1:6b). Caring for your own vineyard is not a minor issue. The wisdom of the Bible warns us that in the same way that a bottle of perfume can be spoiled by a dead fly (Eccles. 10:1), neglecting the care of yourself can bring forth major consequences. Your own life, the wellbeing of your family, and the quality of your ministry are at stake. A full life is not the same as a fruitful life, and God created us as human beings, not human doings. Therefore, the purpose of this talk is not making you work less, but helping you rest and renew yourself better.