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Walking on Water: What Does It Mean to Be a Christian Artist?

Date recorded: 21 May 2023 | Speaker: Natalie Meeks | Event: ELF Artists Network
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Author Madeleine L’Engle wrote, “In art we are once again able to do all the things we have forgotten; we are able to walk on water; we speak to the angels who call us; we move, unfettered, among the stars.” For L’Engle, there was no distinction between her Christian faith and her art; the disciplines that strengthened one, strengthened the other, and the distractions and temptations that drew her away from one weakened her in the other. In this talk, we consider what it means to be a Christian artist – one called to love his neighbor and be a fruitful member of the Body of Christ – and glimpse a vision of a reality in which we may thrive as artists and as disciples of Christ.