Simon Lennox

Real name: 
Simon Lennox spent two years working with young people in North Belfast after achieving a MA in theology at Oxford University (2008). During this time his passion for people, fitness, and business grew, leading him into private equity for four years with a focus on attracting investment into Eastern Europe to alleviate financial, social, and spiritual poverty. It was this grounding in business and its transforming impact on people that inspired Simon to pursue his passion for the health and fitness industry, and in 2014 he founded BreakFit – a whole-person fitness coaching service for local communities, schools, and businesses. Simon is passionate about helping people read and study the Bible. He is the Director of Innovation at Bible Study Fellowship ( with the specific role of developing Word in the City (, an in-depth bible study programme designed to help 20 to 40-year-olds of all backgrounds read the Bible, know God, serve the Church, and benefit the City. Simon is married to Amy and lives in Northern Ireland.