The Importance of Truth in Disciplemaking


Discipleship involves the transformation of the mind as well as of the heart and will. What we think about forms the raw materials from which our lives are formed and actions taken. During this session, we will build upon the idea that “the Christian mind,” as James Sire argues, “is always in both formation and reformation.” The formation of a Christian mind is dependent on loving and assimilating God’s truth and learning how to live in persistent obedience to what we know He requires of us. Special attention will be given to evaluating why our current practices in disciplemaking have not produced mature, reproducing believers for the church and for the world. While the formation of the Christian mind is a life-long process, discovering the vital role that truth has in the deliberate short-term discipleship process can lead to greater spiritual maturity and a fruitful and replicating ministry for generations to come.