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Journalism and Apologetics

Date recorded: 1 Jan 2005 | Speaker: Lars Dahle
Journalism and Apologetics


There is a need to explore the legitimacy and the key differences between various significant roles in the media. Vital roles to explore and expound are especially those of a journalist, of an artist, and of a persuasive communicator (such as the public relations officer, the preacher, the evangelist or the apologist). The focus in this context is on the role of a journalist. It is an important task to raise the awareness within Christian churches and missions about the vital task and role of a (traditional) journalist. Christian journalists are often under pressure from their Christian circles to become advocacy journalists or even "preachers" and thus their professional integrity is threatened. It is on the other hand an equally important task to address "the myth of neutrality," which (despite being an outdated view) still seems to influence much journalism training and practice. Christian journalists should thus reflect on the value-laden nature of their profession and seek to be professionals with Christian integrity.