Old Habits or New Vision? Leading Change in a Traditional Organisation


Many Christian organisations and churches in Europe have a long history and a great legacy. That is a reason to celebrate and give praise to the Lord. At the same time, our past can be a hindrance for renewal and growth. It is easy for the members and leaders of such churches and organisations to lean back and live on past greatness, not realizing that things have changed – both in the Christian community and in society at large. Or, when realizing that they are in decline, they may try to recreate the wonderful past. Instead of despairing, we as leaders are called to bring change and renewal to our communities! The leader has a crucial role, and needs to honor the past, analyse the current situation, create new visions (or return to the original vision), and help his people understand the need for change, renewal, and movement into the new great things that the Lord is creating. This talk explores how leaders can bring hope and effective strategy to organisations and churches that need renewal.