Avi Snyder

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Avi Snyder serves as the European Ambassador of Jews for Jesus, an international mission agency dedicated to proclaiming the gospel to the Jewish people in a direct and loving manner. Avi was raised in a Jewish home in New York and came to a saving faith in Jesus in 1977 with the help of a Jews for Jesus tract and the forthright witness of Christian friends. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary, the School of World Mission, with a master’s degree in missiology. Avi has served with Jews for Jesus since 1978 and has provided leadership for the ministry in Los Angeles, New York, and London, as well as establishing the work in the former Soviet Union where he lived for seven years. He and his wife Ruth currently live in Budapest, Hungary.
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Avi Snyder EvangelismCommunicating the Gospel 00:00:00 353 11 Nov 2020
The Jewish Role in World Evangelization
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Opposition and Opportunity
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